Slightly less awesome than awesomeness itself

Building Update

Coming in the next update, the inventory isn’t really an inventory, but more of a little square to see what tile you’re placing.

We’re expecting a real inventory a few updates from now, but don’t worry, it’ll come soon 😀

Here’s a couple of quick screenshots:


A new site look!

If you’ve been on recently you should notice our site look has changed. This new look makes the site easier to navigate and use! Feel free to gander about as usual!

A note: According to one of the below posts ‘follow’ is on the bottom of the page. It has moved to the right more (still at the bottom of the page but not as much so and more to the right!)

Tree generation!

Trees are now generating (in our unreleased version of course ;D this isn’t public yet!). Pictures of our awesome trees to come soon!


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