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Arroows logo?

What is this ‘Arroows’ game?

Arroows is a game that is in a pre-Alpha stage. When fully complete the game’s description will be: ‘A game full of adventure in which you control a little character that can meet new people (in game and multiplayer), explore an infinite world, get materials and make items, and most importantly fire arrows.’ **ALSO: Currently the only one coding this is starfox1o1, expect the first of a number of updates around July 3rd-10th**

We have a post on the Minecraft Forum for the game too! Visit it here and leave a comment!

Not convinced the game is real? (if you don’t think the game is real we hate you(lol jk(not really))) scroll down for pics!

Game looks like:

Basic pic

Day/Night Cycle:

Day/Night Cycle


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  1. Arroows! Whoo!

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