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About Us

So ummm who are you?

We are ‘Hoyo Games’. A group of 4 (we want more people though!) that makes games. Right now we are making games in Python, an easy to learn programming language, with the assistance of Pygame (which basically lets us do graphics in Python), and NumPy which stores arrays (or lists) of numbers that help with our current game’s (Arroows) map generation.

The group right now:

  • Hoyohoyo9: Lead developer/Owner
  • Zelpa: Icons/Title Graphics(and good at being inactive ;D)
  • Anonymous Apple: Sprite Artist
  • starfox1o1: UI (User interface) Artist/Leader of Arroows

Comments on: "About Us" (2)

  1. Lolwut? said:

    Hello, I was just wondering about how I would join. I’m sorta still learning but I’m getting better. So if you could, leave me your email or MSN. Thank you for your time.

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