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Bigger lakes, grass patches

I made lake generation run longer (which means bigger lakes!) and, using the lake generation code, I also implemented tall grass patches which will have a purpose for future updates.

Some smaller details:

  • Guy appears in a little boat when entering water
  • Fixed a bug where the guy wouldn’t face the right direction after loading a game

Some of my next goals will be chunk loading, removing mobs (will be replaced by something else), and heading towards the game’s finish (still a long road ahead!).



Comments on: "Bigger lakes, grass patches" (2)

  1. I found your blog on http://hoyogames.wordpress.
    com/2012/09/13/bigger-lakes-grass-patches/ and
    I’m very grateful I have. I feel as though you’re reading my mind right now.

    You come across as knowing a lot about this, as if you wrote the
    book on it or something. While I think some extra media like some pics or a couple of videos, this will be a fantastic resource.
    I will most definitely come back.

    • Why thank you, I’m flattered. I started working with python through tutorials and interactive videos, but I realized that it simply isn’t right for making games. So I gave up on python, and I’m not working on this particular game anymore, but I’m moving on to another. I’ll start posting as soon as I get some progress done šŸ™‚

      Also, I didn’t know people still came to this blog šŸ˜›

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