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Bunch of New Features!

So I’ve been working a little over the past week or so, and here’s what I’ve added to the game:

  • New player sprites based on what tile he’s on:

Tall Grass:  Water:  Or behind a tree: 

  • Can walk through leaves (or behind the trees, however you want to look at that)
  • Smoother walking (senses multiple key presses at once instead of one at a time)
  • Ponds (small lakes)
  • Lakes (big lakes)
  • Rivers:

We’re still on our way to our new goal, but we’re making great progress!


Bigger lakes, grass patches

I made lake generation run longer (which means bigger lakes!) and, using the lake generation code, I also implemented tall grass patches which will have a purpose for future updates.

Some smaller details:

  • Guy appears in a little boat when entering water
  • Fixed a bug where the guy wouldn’t face the right direction after loading a game

Some of my next goals will be chunk loading, removing mobs (will be replaced by something else), and heading towards the game’s finish (still a long road ahead!).