Slightly less awesome than awesomeness itself

The management of out first game Arroows has moved over to me, starfox1o1. After about a month(or so) expect more (quicker) updates on the game. I have recently only been doing art so I have to touch up on my Python skills.

As of yet we have not come to a full conclusion as a team, but we may or may not start making our projects in C#. What does this mean to you? This includes an easy way for our Windows friends to only have to download the .exe of the game and run it, simple right? Our Mac friends may however have to download something to be able to run the C# programs, because C# is a native (or works on windows) application. You could also maybe see us making Xbox Live Indie games with this knowledge of C#

Check back frequently for updates on Arroows and a new no named game! You can check the specs of our new game in development here on the Minecraft Forum


Comments on: "New Arroows Management! And C#? And a new game?!?!?!?" (1)

  1. Max Power said:

    …because C# is a native (…) application…

    No, C# applications are in no way ‘native’. C# compilers will compile to a bytecode, which will be compiled to machine instructions not before you start the application (or to some precompiling).

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