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Mob Update Coming Soon!

Alright, so after a small break I went ahead and got coding again. I promised the next update would have mobs, and a bigger map. 

The bigger map is done, I resized it from 200×200 tiles to 500×500. Not that big of a change, but that’s still over twice the map size before.

To increase the map size even further in the future, I’m going to add chunks, like minecraft, which may even lead to infinite maps.


And mobs? Well, so far, I’ve got turtles added. They wander around randomly, running into walls, acting stupid, but they’re a start towards bigger and better mobs.

So far the game spawns anywhere from 30-50 turtles, depending on map size, and later I’ll add some more mobs in to create more diversity among the wildlife.

The turtles’ positions are saved when saving the game, so when you load your game, your pet turtles will still be there (check out my little turtle house below :D)

I’m expecting this update to come out in maybe one or two days, depending on how fast new art can be done for new mobs.



Small update – 0.4.1

Celebrating 100 downloads! Whoo!

Anyway, this update includes:

  • dirt tiles
  • cleaned up world gen code
  • separated python download and game download

If you don’t already have Python, Pygame, or Numpy, you’ll have to download

However if you do have those all you have to do is download

If you aren’t sure what to do read howtoinstall.txt:

That’s it! thanks for everyone’s support!

Building Update out!

– tile selector
– smooth scrolling
– easy installation of python and other components

I also updated O.P. on to include a schedule of future updates and what they’ll include.

We’re up to 34 downloads a week! Wow! I honestly didn’t expect this game to get as far as it is. Thanks everyone 😀

Get it here:

Building Update

Coming in the next update, the inventory isn’t really an inventory, but more of a little square to see what tile you’re placing.

We’re expecting a real inventory a few updates from now, but don’t worry, it’ll come soon 😀

Here’s a couple of quick screenshots: